[TUT]Hacking Windows 8 with Metasploit

Hlo cybersucks viewers, last week our blog cybersucks.blogspot.com reaches on 1 lakh views. I am feeling very excited about our success. So on our 1 lakh views of blog , I am writing a special post for my visitors.

Today I am gonna show you how to hack windows 8 using metasploit. As you all know metasploit is pre-installed in Backtrack, so I will be using backtrack 5 in my tutorial. You can also use Kali linux and other pentesting OS's also.

So lets start..

Things you will need ---->

1. Metasploit
2. Victim virtual machine running windows 8(Use Virtual box or virtual machine).
3. Brain.

Now I will show to how to exploit win 8, just follow the steps given below ----->

1. Open metasploit in backtrack using command in terminal "msfconsole".

2. After metasploit open type this command in terminal
use multi/browser/java_signed_applet
3. Now type
set SRVPORT 8080
   Here 8080 is port which will be used metasploit to connect victim machine.

4. Now type 
   Here you can use any uripath like /cybersucks , /facebook etc.

5. Now type 
   Like in the pic given below.
6. Now send your Ip address to victim like

7. Now when our victim will open this link given by us he/she will be promoted with a java pop out and when he/she will click Run button of that pop up the victim comuter will be successfully exploited. Like in picture given below.
Note -->
1. This exploit only works when victim has installed Java.
2. This tutorial only for educational purpose.
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  1. these doesn't work.when i send the link to my friend.nothing happens.the page does not open.
    but when i open the link on my system in backtrack then it works.i think these only work on same network.like lan etc??

  2. bro it works perfectly in WAN also

  3. mamu log it will not work until u do not determine SRVHOST :D
    like set SRVHOST
    so kindly make ur tut correct
    & to use it on WAN u have to open ur port in router like 8080

    1. thankx 4 the correction i will update my article :D

    2. how to open port

    3. bro u can open ports through router settings.....

  4. Please I would like to know which is the best antivirus

    1. microsoft security essential is best antivirus

  5. Avast Internet Security with the combination of Malwarebytes is best.......


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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