[TOOL]SQLSentinel:SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner

Hey friends this is D@rk TruTH. Sorry for posting very late i was busy in my studies because my exams are coming.
Today I am bringing a new SQL injection hunter tool named SQLSentinel.

What is SQLSentinel -->

This tool is very good if u want to test a site vulnerable to SQL injection.
This tool use crawling function first found out links like index.php?id= and then check that these links are vulnerable or not.
It only found out vulnerabilities, but not hack it.

Usage of tool --->

1. First download it from here

2. Open .zip file and click on sqlsentinel.jar and it will open but make sure you have installed java.

3. After opening it add website url in Url box and click Start.

4. If it found some vulnerabilities then it will show you in Working logs text box like i get some in image given below.

5. Use Havij or any other SQL injection tool to hack website.

Only for educational purpose. 
[TOOL]SQLSentinel:SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner [TOOL]SQLSentinel:SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner Reviewed by Aditya Joshi on 21:45:00 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks brother..

  2. Thanks for this helpful tool.


  3. Bro i have no java ;-( so can you plse give me the download link of java :))

    1. Download from here https://java.com/download


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