[TUT]Creating a penetration lab in windows

In last few posts i have tell u about the hacking windows using backtrack, but in all the posts i was not exploiting the real victims, i was just hacking my own OS installed on my system means i had created a penetration lab.

Whats a Penetration Lab consist of-->

1. Attacker OS(you may use backtrack,Backbox)
2. Victim OS(Win Xp or any other win)

Now i am gonna tell you how to create your own penetration lab by just following few steps.

Things you will need ---->

1. Virtual Box. Download it from here.
2. Bootable DVD of attacker or victim OS to installs OS's.
3. Brain.

Lets start------>

1. Install Virtual Box.

2. Now create two virtual machines name first as attacker and second as victim.Like i created in pic given below.

3. After creating both virtual machines install respective operating system in it. Like I am gonna install Backtrack as attacker OS and win xp as victim OS.

4. Now after installing all OS's the thing you have to do is creating network connection for both OS's for that you have to follow a simple procedure.

5. Right Click on any virtual machine from list and click settings and click on Network tab in left side and you will get network tab like I get in image.

6. As you see in image in Adaptor 1 tab Attached to is selected to NAT. Just change it to Host-Only Adaptor and click Ok like i do in image given below.

7. Do same as in step 6 for second OS.

Now you may start doing your exploitation work.

Must keep same settings that i kept in step 6.

Plz comment if feel any query about this tutorial.

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