TUT: Best Configurations For Pcsx2 on Windows

Hlo friends , sorry for posting very late , i was busy in my exams. But after my exam completetion i am back on my blog . Today i am gonna post an article on Pcsx2 . As we all know that Pcsx2 is a Sony Playstation 2 emulator.
As we all know that all ps2 games are full of HD graphics which may get slow down on default Pcsx2 configuration . So i have brought you all the configuations for running all ps2 games in pcsx2 in 50-70fps speed.
Things u will need:----->
1. Pcsx2 0.9.8 or any version download from here.
2. A medium Graphic computer.

Just follow all the steps:--------->
1. Load BIOS and ISO file of your game.

2. Now click on Config > Emulation Settings like in given picture.

3. Now Click on EE/IOP just keep settings as i kept in this picture given above.

4. Now click on VUs and keep the settings shown in the image.
5. In GS and GS Window option keep the default configurations.

6. Now Click on Speedhacks tab and keep the settings as shown in the image shown above , this is the main part of configurations.
7. No need to change configuration of Game Fixes tab and click apply and ok.

After doing all these configurations u will get speed of 50-60 fps , if in gameplay game lags then press Tab button to apply the turbo mode to game.
Plz comment.
TUT: Best Configurations For Pcsx2 on Windows TUT: Best Configurations For Pcsx2 on Windows Reviewed by Aditya Joshi on 06:21:00 Rating: 5


  1. Gud thing...but most of the times the fps depends on the hardware stuffs..

  2. yup bro mainly it depands upon hardware..... :)


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