Hacking a Computer using fastrack and backtrack

Hey friends i found a latest hack or way to hack into a computer which has a windows operating system.
Ok then lets start.Here are some requirments:-------->
1. Backtrack 
2. Ip address of victim.
3. Brain.
Now follow all the steps according to this post:--------------->
1. Open Fastrack by clicking on Applications-->Backtrack-->Exploitation tools-->Network exploitation tools-->Fast-Track-->fasttrack-interactive.

2. Now after opening fastrack select the option Payload generator by typing 8 and hitting enter.

3. Now after that type 1 to select Windows Shell Reverse_TCP and hit enter.

4. Now after that type 2 to select shikata_ga_nai and hit enter.

5. Now after that enter the ip address of victim and hit enter.
6. Now you have to scan ip address to get open ports refer to this article.

7. If you get any open ports then enter it like in image.
8. After that type 3 to select Executable and hit enter, this option will create a executable file in  directory filesystem-->pentest>exploit-->fasttrack-->payload.exe.
9. Now the send executable file to victim and when the victim open this file you will be connected to computer remotely. 

Note :--- Its for educational purpose

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