Fern Wifi Cracker a GUI Wifi Cracker

Hey friends all of you know about the restrictions on Wifi that is password. In schools and colleges Wifi are protected through password but i have a good hack to crack a Wifi simply in two click. This software is only for linux. Just follow all the steps according to this post:------------------->
1. First download fern wifi cracker from here.
2. Now after downloading put the debian pack to file system.

3. After doing that open terminal and type this code dpkg -i Fern-Wifi-Cracker_1.2_all.deb.

4. Now open fern Wifi cracker from tab others and open this like in image.
5. Now click on Refresh and select an interface and the use any of two options given according to wifi encryption and select and then crack the wifi.
Note-----:> Its for only educational purpose.

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  2. Hi Bro, Is it any way to hack the wifi password for Windows

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