How to Take down a website using DDoS Attack [complete tutrioal]

Welcome to this tutorial, it's a Noob friendly tutorial about downing a site. I'll explain how everything works and how you can down a site!

The first thing i gonna talk about is a DoS.
DoS stands for Denial of Service.
A DoS is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service.
To explain it in a couple words, a DDoS is the same as a DoS. 
But with a DoS you are the one attack. DDoS'ing is shells around the world attacking. 

To get started: Getting the IP of a Website
To attack a website you need the IP adress. There are many ways to get them, but i'll explain a really simple one.

Go to start, typ in "CMD" and press enter.
After that typ in "ping". 
And press enter again, then you'll get the site IP.

DDOS Tool----
Now we will you use a ddos tool to take down a website. Tool we will use is RDOS it is a small tool but very powerfull,download link is given at end of post. 
After downloading this tool open this and put the ip address of site and then enter the port which is 80. Now press entre and it will start showing * icon it means that website is not crashed, when - icon show then we came to know that website is crashed. You can see this by opening that website and it will open a error page. 
Download Link -Rdos
Password is - thehackersgroup
Use It for educatioanl purpose..

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  1. im tired of that stupid fbi ransomware shyt it killed a couple o0f my computers almost kiolled this one im tired of it I want to use the same thing on that website looks like by my antivirus its aimed specifically at me and my computer according to the antivirus so if I can get the address like I have already I want to take them down and show them how it is to be attacked and puter goes down

  2. its not working bro.....

  3. bitch its a Trojan


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