Hack Pentium 4 To Make Core2Dual Processor

Note, this trick is really not recommended as this may cause windows to provide falsified information to it self and other applications, which would cause system stability issue and may slow down the system…. How to Change the Processor Name shown in the System properties Dialog Box ??
Under Windows XP, Click Start, then RUN Command, ―regedit―… (Without the quote symbols)… Now please navigate your self to this Registry location, >HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > HARDWARE > DESCRIPTION > SYSTEM > CENTRAL PROCESSOR > GO TO 0 Now please double click, on the key PROCESSORNAMESTRING . 
Change the value as you like…59
Here you can see I changed my processor to 8.0GHz. So go and showoff to your friends that you have 8Ghz processor he he.
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