Hide Your Hard Disk Drives

This is a very useful trick for those who want to keep any of their hard drive as private.You can keep all your secret files in a particular drive and later you can hide that drve so that no one can able to access its data.This can be achieved by a simple registry hack.follow these steps carefully

1) Go to Start -> Run -> “regedit” 

2) Navigate to: 


3) Choose Edit -> New -> DWORD Value and give name NoDrives. 

4) Double click NoDrives and determine which drive that you want to vanish in Value Data. 

Ex: If you wish to vanish drive D:, insert value 8 in Value Data. 

The combination value in “Value Data” are as following: 

A: > 1 

B: > 2

C: > 4

D: > 8

E: > 16

F: > 32

G: > 64

H: > 128

I: > 256

J: > 512
K: > 1024

L: > 2048

M: > 4096

All: > 67108863 

Note : This is only for those who are using windows OS.

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